Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TODAY'S DOGG By Guy (Whoops) Gilchrist February 18,2010

More of The DOGG Winter Games!

Style points?

I'm enjoying the games! I pretty much keep them on most of the day as I am inking my comics. I watch whatever events are on...and pull for the USA. I also pull for Canada quite a bit ( if the USA is out of it) because my girlfriend's family are Canadians, eh. I, of course, spend my mornings in the quiet....the quieter, the that is when I get my writing for Today's Dogg, Nancy, and song ideas going.....hopefully! You never know. Ideas come ,go,and fade away so quickly....I have to catch them when I can. I am so grateful that you are enjoying the DOGG ! We have over 2100 Fans on FB already...and Strum Magazine is featuring us on their homepage! We have our first newspapers asking to run TD! We are interested in any publication electronic or print that would like to run Today's Dogg. It is affordable, and easy to get in on. Email us @

and we'll get you all woofed up!

You are making this creation so, so cool to do. Please subscribe and Bookmark us! Oh....and here's Bullet The Wonder Dog, and my hero...Roy Rogers.


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