Thursday, February 18, 2010

TODAY'S DOGG By Guy(Country Bumpkin)Gilchrist February 19, 2010

Just did a surprise last minute songwriters round with good friend, Jimmy Payne(Woman, Woman by Gary Puckett) and Don Wayne(Saginaw, Mi., Country Bumpkin, Belles of Southern Bell) and what a treat! An "only in Nashville" night! Anyway...adding to the coolness of the night was that all the folks around the bar are readers of Today's Dogg online! That was so cool. I'm used to readers of NANCY...and other things I've done and do...but The DOGG is still so new. Anyway. It's because we all love dogs. That's why this works.
OH...I'll be over singing again at The Commodore on Sunday Night if you're in the Nashville area...and I have a cool Dogg Cartoon Signing coming up on the 27th! More on that later.'ll be a benefit for dogs in Lebanon TN. You can keep up with dates for me and what goes on by reading my schedule on my FB Profile Page. Or in case someone wants to know!
Here's to our DOGGS!!!! And you...who love them!

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