Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TODAY'S DOG BY GUY(Radar Love)GILCHRIST Feb. 11, 2010

Yeah.........Biker Week with DOGS continues! Golden Earring...remember? "Radio plays that forgotten song....Brenda Lee...comin' on strong...." Radar Love. Cool, cool song. I know. I'm so old.But..if you don't know it...find it on YouTube or something...and you'll see.Remember, click on the cartoon to supersize! Thanks for all the cool letters, comments. I don't know what it IS...but folks rarely leave me messages or comments here at the BLOG....but I get so many emails and comments on FB....honest. I really do. for true! I'm going to post a picture of my best buddy, Buddy. My dog. Everyday is Christmas for Buddy if there's MEAT involved. Here's to Buddy, Golden Earring, Brenda amazing friends who are rescuing dogs and cats...finding homes, foster homes...collecting money, posting, driving, taking em in, finding ways to save animals. I am so, so proud to know you. We  have some donations to announce soon.We are truly building our business model with Animal and Humane Services as an integral part of our TODAY'S DOG program.Thank you for sharing TODAY'S DOG with everyone you know! It's how we are going to build this! We need you!
WOOF. Say hi to Buddy, everybody.

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