Thursday, February 4, 2010

TODAY'S DOG By Guy Gilchrist February 5, 2010

Here's one I drew a rough of many moons ago.....and then an Animal  Rescue Magazine asked if they could get the cartoon for their  magazine. I just finished it. I drew a PUG in this position too. I'll have to post that one, one of these days as well! BTW, if you have a website, EMagazine, Newspaper, or Magazine that would like to get a TODAY'S DOG cartoon for your publication or site, just email me. All our cartoons are available for reprinting. You can even order a signed print of any of them. Here's to love and laughs.......and giving those little dogs a shread of dignity....Huggies? His doggie pals will RIP him from sun-up till sundown...can't DO THAT! See you on FB, Twitter, all that!


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