Monday, February 1, 2010

TODAY'S DOG By Guy Gilchrist February 2, 2010

Here's Today's Dog!  
The dog in this cartoon is inspired this time round by one of Nascar Champion Ryan Newman's dogs. I've been working with Ryan and his wife Krissie creating a logo, and  characters, all for a brand new line of stuffed animals based on their real life dogs...all of which are rescues. We call them "Newman's Pup Crew" and the toys will be out soon. You're getting a "sneak peek" at one of the logos here.
The money raised through the Ryan Newman Foundation benefits animals and the environment, and education. I'll preview some of my logos I've done every now and again right here. I'm so, so proud to be working with The Newmans. They love, love, love dogs, and all animals...and do so much! It's one thing to's another thing entirely to care...and then do something...not just once or twice but all the time. Ryan's a winner....and not just at the track. Check out the Newman Foundation through my links. And...cheer Ryan on startin' at Daytona!

Oh.......if you haven't signed up here yet for getting Today's Dog in your emails, or subscribing to your Twitter, FaceBook, or other account...please do! We want to build this thing so we can make a difference. Yes...I want to make a living with this cartoon, and the products that we can publish, and make from the cartoon. And, just like Ryan's Foundation, I want to build into our franchise a Charitable Outreach to Help Dogs and Cats and other Animals.I's a terrific, huge and tough to get to goal. But, I'm  going for it. I have  alot of help, too. Folks like you. Thanks for spreadin' the word!

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