Monday, February 22, 2010

TODAY'S DOGG By Guy Gilchrist February 23, 2010

A little racing action for you today. As you can see, our Dogg doesn't play favorites.
NASCAR has started....the Sundays are exciting! I'm looking forward to getting over to Bristol this year!
I've been enjoying doing the theme weeks, and I hope you've been digging em , too. I'm going to run a week of non-theme shots...because I have so many!!!
 I'm starting to get orders to run Today's Dogg in some newspapers! I'll let you know which ones as soon as the ink is dry on the Alpo Bag. That's how we write up our contracts here. Copule of pieces of jerky...shake hands..and to get realllll official.... sign an Alpo bag. Lawyers. Humph.
 Starting from the first dollar we make, selling the comic any way we websites, newspapers, anywhere..a percentage will go to helping our Dogs. That's how this operation  works. Don't get me wrong......I love money. Love it. So does my agent...and so do all the companies and individuals that we will work with. Hecck, if YOU didn't love'd be paypaling me a hundred bucks a chuckle just because the comic is so funny! BTW..That works for me. Just throwin' that out there. I also accept cash. But...I also LOVE animals. Dogs, Cats. All creatures great and small. I do. And that is what this is all about.
I've made alot of product for the biggest names in Show Biz, and I love doing it. But...this one is different. I want this HUGE! And with a HUGE Charitable Heart. So far...I have heard from many folks who need money....and only a couple offering to help us MAKE some. I know. That's how this goes. I'll help all I can...and i can use your help, too.
 So..if you have a product line, or anything you want to ask me about with Today's Dogg...I'm listening. If you have a little community paper, and ask them to run You can contact me right through this email at the blog. Look...I 've been with the biggest character licensing in the world. I know how it works...and I want to do something special here. Man! I love drawing DOGGS!
 And thank you, (speaking of biggest licensing characters in the world....and most loved.).. thank you to Rin-Tin-Tin for your endorsement!!! Rinny: I'm 10 with a bowl of cereal in front of our old black and white Admiral...on a braided rug....with a comic book, and a Tony The Tiger spoon...and I'm eating those big Shredded Wheat...and mom warmed the milk and put sugar on the, and Bullet...and Roy, The Lone Ranger and Sky King and Lassie....I loved you. I still do. BTW...The current Official Rin-Tin-Tin, trained and bred by Miss Daphne,(The Bloodline is strong and so, so furry, friendly, and everything you ever dreamed Rinny was...) and I will be doing a joint appearance in Danville, Ill! April 10th! How cool is that? I am so blessed. More on that later...
 The weirdness of  life is a beautiful, strange and delicate thing. Who knew? Dog Cartoons...?

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