Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fw: Today's Dogg Needs YOU!

Today's Dogg could use your help. Everyone who works for me at TODAY'S DOGG does so on a volunteer basis.They do because we are trying to build the franchise to the point where 1000s of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars can be raised for PET RESCUE, ADOPTION, and HUMANE SERVICES.20% of all we make was supposed to go to pet charities. So far, it's been more like 300% of what we've made. You know me. I can't say NO. I always help…and I know that God will provide for us 7 times 7 fold. Everyday you get a smile. I am asking for your support today.One dollar, 5, 10, 20, or more dollars. Whatever you can afford and not feel it in your wallet. If you could send it along, we need your help.
It is costing 1000s of dollars to rebuild and maintain our website, build our new TODAY'S DOGG apps, and make our videos and music that it is taking TODAY'S DOGG to a level where we can start really giving, and start paying our volunteers. We have given thousands to pet adoption, rescue and humane services in the past year, all from sales of my art. We won't see any royalties for 6 months.The time is now. Our book comes out May 1, and we are readying ourselves with wonderful new products to really make a difference!! Myself and my volunteers are working round the clock. We are so blessed to have this hard working group.But, I can't do it alone. I am asking for you to help. Not for nothing, either.
Anyone who gives any amount of money will have their name listed on our FB and Website. If you give ten dollars, I'll send you a CD signed.If you give over 20 dollars, we will send you some beautiful artwork from my studio. You will get a NANCY or DOGG original drawing for your trouble. If you give more, I'll draw a cartoon of your DOGG.Today is the day we really need you. We are funding the projects right now. HELP MAKE OUR DREAM OF HELPING ANIMALS ALL OVER THE WORLD COME TRUE. If I've made you smile this year, with my music, NANCY or THE DOGG….let me know.
I have set up our PAYPAL account for secure donations. Just send any amount you can today to
Include your street address on your donation, and I will send you something for your giving. If you don't want anything, tell me. It will help us keep more money to fund our volunteers. Remember…any amount will help. It all adds up.
Thank you so much.
For folks that wish to contribute by mail, make your checks out to our parent company Guy Gilchrist Music, and send to
2814 BlueBrick Dr. Nashville, TN 37214.

See You In The Funny Papers!
Guy Gilchrist
Did you get your copy of THE BEST OF TODAY'S DOGG yet?
It's published by FastPencilPremiere, and 20% of our royalties go straight to Pet Adoption, Rescue and Humane Efforts, so order yours today! Just go to the Today's Dogg website, and click on the DOGG book cover!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

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