Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TODAY'S DOG By GUY (Marshall Tucker Forever)GILCHRIST Feb.10, 2010

I really had a ball with this stuff this week! I hope you don't mind if I  follow this muse a while....
It comes and goes just as quickly. It happens like this: I start thinking about a certain theme, activity...anything....and then the DOG Cartoons come...and while they come...I just keep writing them down. You never know where and when the ideas will come, and how quickly they will leave. Anyway....lots of Steppenwolf and Marshall Tucker Band  giving us DOGS Ramblin' On Our Minds............BIKER Cartoons. Flooded my mind last week.........and I let em. Thanks to the 1900 plus fans of THE DOG on FaceBook! I am very grateful. God bless you, and DOGS....and the animals that we love that help make us better people.
ps:always click on the art to supersize it!

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