Thursday, March 11, 2010

TODAY'S DOGG ByGuy(Hey,Bird Dog!Get Away From My Chick)Gilchrist Mar.11,2010

Let's have some fun! Name some more DOG singles! I could only fit a have to click on the art to make it bigger to read the ones I got in..Rufus Thomas, Lobo,The Everly Brothers..and Elvis did Ol' Shep, too...but we got him in with Hound on...other dog songs......extra credit for knowing the singer or band, and year....
How do you like the new site? Thanks to The Web Wizard! Sherry(Sherry, Bay yay beee, Sherry baby))Anderson....


  1. Well, there's "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

  2. Hey, I know I seen the new Doggs Digs.??? Anyway I liked the new look. Ha,ha,ha opposable claws.

  3. Okay I'll play along.
    Hair of the dog - Nazareth (Only because Dog is in the title, Ha,ha,ha)
    Old King - Neil Young, Harvest Moon
    Dirty 'ol Egg Suckin Dog - Johnny Cash
    Dogs - Pink Floyd
    Move it on over - Various artists, I prefer George Thorogood

    Here's a few. Next up?

  4. Hi MJ, Please set your web site to the new Today's Dogg as this one will no longer be updated and we will be pulling it down.
    Just type in
    and view, and leave your comments there! Sorry art didn't go out yet. This week.

  5. Hi Tony, please do the same thing. Updat your browser to go to the new
    as this will not update anymore!
    Thanks for the great titles both of you!!