Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TODAY'S DOGG By Guy Gilchrist March 3rd, 2010

More Doggs and Golf!
Boy...gets me itchin' get those sticks out again! comes Spring! I hope! Here in Nashville, it's been cold, I get the folks around here start to blaming me for bringing New England Weather down here with me. They call me a YANKEE. What a terrible thing to call a Red Sox fan....but they are saying we'll get to see 50 over the weekend. Maybe it'll stay this way and we'll start seeing some nice weather. I know so much of the country is totally snowed in! I'm sorry..don't mean to rub it in. But, I had 52 of those Connecticut Winters....and I'm about done with that's my ol' back!
I can't wait to play a little golf this year. Moving down south last year, I really had a messed up new schedule and didn't get to play at all. I need my time away from a board...from writing and drawing and business.  I find it meditative in a way. I bet you know what I mean. Martial Arts are the same way for me, too. You just have to be in the moment....right then....or it just doesn't work, you know?
You don't think about anything else but just what you're doing right then. It's a nice way to make the rest of the world go away for a bit. You know?
Hey! Beer Girl!


  1. Guess the old passage is true, you're not a Illustrator / Cartoonist until you've done a golfing subject. I think you're covered my friend. How about some Hockey Dogs before the season ends. By the way that's not a poke at Tiger is it? Ha,ha,ha.

  2. No Tiger barb. That's been done to death. That's just a meat joke. Dods. Sleep. Poop. Run Around. Dream, think, sleep MEAT.

  3. I'm sorry. That's what I get for typing with out my glasses on. Dogs. not Dods,gee whiz.

  4. Still funny stuff anyway! Not as bad as having my editor call me and tell me I spelled George Bush's name wrong in an editoon. Ha,ha,ha! You would think I could get it right after all the years of drawing him.