Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TODAY'S DOGG By Guy Gilchrist March 10, 2010

This just seemed so natural to do. I was watching Rin-Tin-Tin last night, and there ya go. I think a lot of us dog lovers say thank you everyday to The Lord for the love He has put into our lives....and so much love and devotion and truth comes from our animals.
Oh, the Cat With No Name is doing fine. She is healing very well, and should be back to her roaming ways in a week or so. She's ticked to all getout because I can't let her roam outside until she heals up. Thursday, I'm recording a song about her called "The Cat With No Name". I'll look forward to hearin' what you think down the line when it's done and good to go. She has yet to ask for a piece of the royalty. She hasn't heard about it yet, though. 
Speaking of "good to go"...our new website for DOGG is almost that!! We have another day or so, and then...well...I think you'll really enjoy it. We are trying to import all our email subscribers and all that to the new site so you will have no issues coming along with us.
Did you see? 2400 fans of TODAY'S DOGG on Facebook?? WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!
Oh, thanks for all the well wishes about my first song cut of my new permanent Nashville move! The great Glenn Douglas Tubb wrote it with me, and is singing the tune. I'm so honored that Glenn, a giant in the business, writer with Johnny Cash and Hank Williams,Senior is writing and recording with me.
God bless you

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