Monday, March 8, 2010

Today's Dogg By Guy(I love my Grandma) Gilchrist March 9th, 2010

This post is dedicated to my Step father's Mama. I called her "Mama". She was Italian, and a Farmgirl from the old country. Very practical lady. No one ever went unfed.
 She always had Pasta Fazool, Chicken LaCatetore,Sausage and Peppers...on the stove. You brought the's a sandwich. 4:30 in the morning..the paperboy brings the paper to her "front Stoop"..he gets a sandwich. She lived through the "Great Depression". She saved the family Business with her common sense. No one went hungry.
 A dime was a dime. Alot of money. No credit for Mama. Cash on the barrelhead. She would go into barber shops and give pennies for the old comic books for me to read. A dime was a dime. She loved all animals. Dogs, cats.
 She would be proud I am taking care of the street cat with no name...our stray here. She's lived on this street for 12 years, close as anyone can tell.Our neighbors named her  KitKat. So, that's the name of the cat with no name. Busted up, but such a sweet sweet cat. Paying for the Vet to sew her up after she got badly injured in a fight this weekend. Now, Mama would have taken her to the Vet and bought a dollars' worth of medicine...but probably sewed her up herself, Mama. She was a farm girl.
 Could plow a field all by herself at 76 if we let her.
 Once she got the cat home, Then she would make wonderful food and put the medicine in the food for the cat to get better.
Mama  liked Rin-Tin-Tin and Lassie, and Cowboys. She always paid the barber a little extra cent or so for the dog and cowboy comics she knew I loved so much. I loved my Mama.  She's been cooking for The Angels for over 30 years now. I drew this one though....and read a few Rinty comics...fed the cat....and missed her more than usual today.
We'll be unveiling our brand new website for TODAY'S DOGG in the next day or so! Sherry Anderson, web wizard...has been working a full week getting all the stuff moved...and adding searchable archives and all kinds of cool stuff. PLEASE tell everyone you know to sign on and follow us! We are building a company here with a dedicated portion of every dime we make going straight to Animal and Humane Services. If you think of a way to help...let me know. I can't thank Sherry enough. She is the best at all she does and I am blessed to have her help. Her company is called Anderson Web Design, and you should hire her, too.
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You should, could, maybe  buy stuff. A dime's a dime.

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