Monday, January 25, 2010

Today's Dog By Guy Gilchrist January 26, 2010

Hi, Everybody..........It's me, Guy.
Thanks so much for stopping in the new Blogsite.
I am so, so happy about how much support the cartoon has received ! We have over 1300 friends on Facebook at Today's Dog in less than one week! We have been asked by quite a few Animal Rescue Groups to be involved in supporting them with our art, and hearts, and we are so happy to get involved! This Cartoon started just last week. Man. I feel so blessed. I'll tell you about what is going on where asap. Thanks to Sherry at AndersonWebDesign for all her hard work....and my agent, Bruce Butterfield for all of his! And the biggest thanks to you, and our dogs, of course! Heck! This strip writes it's self. Or...the dogs write it. However that goes....
We're building a Store at if you have a chance, drop us a line and let us know your favorite Today's Dog Cartoons, and what product you'd like to see them on for gifting. You can find us at
Yeah. I know. One mug so far. i'm workin' on it.
I hope you'll tell your friends about this website. Here's to my dogs, your and laughs.
January 25/6th.2010

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