Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remembering Jim Henson and the time I drew the LOVE Stamp envelope with ROWLF.

Every once in a while, someone commissions me to do something special. Here is a drawing I did recently for a fan of The Muppets who had one of those "First Day" envelopes I drew in 1986 for the LOVE stamp, and also an envelope honoring Jim Henson, my old friend and boss, from just a couple years ago.. I hadn't drawn Scooter or Floyd since probably 1986 when the strip retired. FUN! I did the drawing with black ink and my brush, and used colored pencils to add the color. I remember the First Day event was in NYC, on my 29th birthday. I'll post a picture of Jim with ROWLF as the PostMaster. Even before I was writing and drawing the Muppets strip with my brother, Rowlf was my favorite Muppet. He was the first "famous" Muppet....from back in the mid sixties when he was on the Jimmy Dean Show.

Jim and Rowlf at The Post office Event and Jim and Long, long time ago.


  1. How weird. I've just now come from the Jim Henson exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Art! I walk in, sit down to check my e-mail and RSS feeds, and the first thing I see is your post about Jim Henson! Guy, has there ever been a book collecting Muppets comic strips? I was, years ago, a big Muppets fan, but I never saw your strip in newspapers.
    Thanks for sharing this memory.

  2. Hi John, You can see some of them at
    as I post them when I can. There was one called Moving Right Along by Simon and Shuster, and then 6 or so by Tor Books. Many were done overseas, and I don't have a count on those.
    I still have all the proof sheets. We did it from Sept 1981 through May or so 1986.

  3. Oh, yeah, I've seen the ones on your site (and also read, with great interest, DRAWN TO SUCCESS - more, more, Guy!) - plus here and there on the internet, but seeing the exhibit yesterday inspires me to hunt down some of the books collecting the strip. With THE MUPPETS popular enough to have a new comic book, I wish Disney would publish your and Brad's wonderful version in some kind of collection.