Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today's Dog by Guy Gilchrist February 1, 2010

Ahhhh!!!! The Author's Book Signing! If only I had THAT many customers standing in line for me whenever I do one of those. I guess this one is such a favorite because of all those nights and days on the road doing these book tours.
I had a great weekend in Nashville. Two good new friends of mine, one that has become a Mentor to me in songwriting, Glenn Douglas Tubb, and his girl,Dottie Snow got married. Glenn is not a spring chicken..........heck....not even a summer rooster. He's one Autumn Awesome Dude, though.Glenn had his first hit record in 1948...if that tells you anything. Glenn wrote a ton of hits. "Home Of The Blues" for Johnny Cash, and Co-wrote "Forsaken and Alone" with Hank Williams. Yes. THAT Hank Williams....many years ago. "Skip A Rope" is his real biggie. He is so, so full of life, love and fun...what a man.
Dottie, her parents both Grand Ole Opry Members, has had a wonderful, long life as a Country and Gospel Singer, and is also a Minister. Well, Joanne Cash, Johnny Cash's  sister, did the marrying...and it was truly beautiful. Glenn was misty almost the whole way through, he was so filled with emotion. And this is one tough, cool dude, man. It was something. It really was a precious way for me to cap off my 53rd birthday. Really, really something. I'll never forget it. Life is for living. All the way.

I'm writing songs with Glenn, and am so priviledged to have him for a buddy. Hey...met Alice Cooper's Lead Guitarist there. He's Buds with Glenn too. Nashville's a cool town.
Oh, saw "Edge Of Darkness" with Mel Gibson for my "Birthday Date' after a dinner of awesome Catfish. It's a really good movie....really good. If you like'll like this one...oh, and everyone loves the catfish at John A's.
This all in a week when I got to see Kris Kristofferson at the Ryman, and then crack him up with a funny song later on after the show. MAN. Blessed week. And all your letters and emails and FB posts? So cool. Thank you so much.
OH! And it's Monday! That means 24 for us Jack addicts~! So, I'll REpost the Jack cartoon as a bonus, in case you didn't get it and send it to all your 24 pals the first time!
Hope you're subscribing to Today's Dog!! Tellin your friends, your enemies...your strangers off the street! 1600 folks on FB in a week and a half, and we have about 100 or so folks following here on the blogsite. a mess more subscribing on the RSS feed, I believe.
BTW, I still have some of those books(mine) not HIS on hand over at my store at my Music website. I'll sign em and mail em to ya and everything...all you gotta do is pay for em.
Here's to love and laughs with our pets, our friends, ourselves!


  1. Hi Guy Loved reading my first "Today's Dog" cartoon. Have always been a fan of your Nancy cartoon. And I was impressed to hear and see all your other accomplishments. Sounds like your 53rd birthday was a a dream come true for so many people. FYI I just lost my dog Sparky of 15 years (he was a cockapoo). I got him when he was 10 weeks old and he was the best pet, friend & companion an owner could ask for. Loosing him and my father in 2009 has made it one of my worse years on record. But I try to do what everyone tells me and think about the years of joy and love he gave me and my family. I will eagerly await your next Today's Dog cartoon.... and look forward to following you here and your music career

  2. Hi Tricia, loss is so tough. But not loving is worse.....isn't it? We all have to get through it somehow. God is pretty good at lifting us up. He 's had a lot of practice...with me, with the whole world.
    God bless you and comfort you.........and thank you for your kind words about the features. That's what I'm here for ! Smiles!